Privacy Policy

Privacy of the customer is will always be the first priority as a user will be in contact with other groups that are working under the credentials of their privacy policies. The websites which are approached through Getmyoffersguide will work under their own policies and it is compulsory for the user to work and respect the others’ privacy policies. Each individual visiting our website will be tracked and information will be recorded by the server. This includes the IP address of the user, the date and time of usage of the website, information searched, reference sites, the name, location and the email address where it is necessary to mention for the users who will be contacting the website via emails.

All the information which is given by the individuals will be used to improve the content of the website along with the location of users. This will be used for marketing and commercial tenacities. This information of the users related to their search activities, contact details or any other kinds of subscriptions will be collected by the servers. Cookies will be recording user’s consumption of credit cards, searches of users accessing various websites, keeping a track of the past activities and customizing the web page according to the user ’s wish. The services of other websites can also be availed and can show various ads like Google AdSense and Yahoo etc. the information related to user’s activities will be recorded.

The ways users adapt to search through our websites will be tracked by the third servers. This will help in collecting the information regarding the users which include the IP address. Other websites ads will be advertised on the website and the users will get the emails when subscribed. If the user doesn’t want the email, then un-subscription will be done when email will be received from the user at [email protected]

The users connected to us will be notified by the websites according to the products and services any other respectable organizations. Any changes that will be made on the website will be told to the users via the email. The users should read our privacy policy before using the website and after using, if user finds any problem he/she should contact via the above mentioned website.